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Northwest Classen High School Alumni Association
Written by Administrator/ChrisS78   
Saturday, 13 December 2014 20:18


Come and learn some cheers, and a dance with the Northwest Classen Varsity Pom Squad
on Saturday, January 10th , 2015.
All participants will perform the cheers and dances they have learned between the Boys and Girls Varsity
Basketball games on Tuesday, January 13th, 2015.

Where: Northwest Classen Small Gym
When: Saturday January 10th, 2015
9:00—12:00 (noon)
Who: Grades Kindergarten - 6th
Cost: $20.00 per students.
Includes instruction, t-shirt, pom poms, a snack and fun!

Registration Form

Name: _________________________________________ Age: ________
Grade: ________  School: _________________  
Address: _________________________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Name: ____________________________ Phone Number: __________________
Parent/Guardian Name: _______________________________ Phone Number: __________________

I give permission for my child to participate in the Northwest Classen Pom Squad Clinic
on January 10th, 2015 and the basketball game on January 13th, 2015. 
hereby release Northwest Classen High School and the NWC Pom Squad from any
liability due to injury or accident at this event, class, activity.

Guardian Signature_________________________________________________ Date: __________________

T-shirt size (please circle one) Youth Small Youth Med Youth Large Adult Small
Adult Med Adult XL Adult 2XL
All registration forms and payments are due by January 6th.
Make Checks payable to NWC Pom

Send Registrations and check to :
ATTN: Coach Katelyn Perkins
2801 NW 27th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

(405) 388-5620 or (405) 587-6300
Sorry No Refunds!!

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Annual General Meeting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator/ChrisS78   
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 07:41

Annual General Meeting, Board of Directors Meeting and Election of Directors

Dear NWCAA Members,


It’s time again for our Annual General Meeting, Board of Directors meeting and election of Directors.

The meeting is scheduled for
Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 7:00 PM at Swadley's Bar-B-Que, located at 4000 N Rockwell.  For those who would like to join us for dinner there, our reservation is for 6:00 PM. 

In your newsletter you will find a ballot form.  Please complete it and mail it to reach us by November 11, 2014, addressed to:


            Northwest Classen Alumni Association

            PO Box 12657

            Oklahoma City, OK  73157-2657   


If you will be attending the meeting, you also have the option of turning in your ballot, that night. 

All the Directors elected at this time will serve a term from January 1, 2015, through December 31, of the year specified on the ballot.
If you would like someone elected who is not on the ballot, you are welcome to nominate him or her from the floor at the Annual General Meeting.  The individual will be voted on at that time. 

However, the two provisions to a name being placed in nomination are: 
the person must be a current member of the Association and must have agreed to serve, if elected. 


The current Directors and their term expiration dates (all Dec. 31 of given year) are as follows:


Roy Love  '57                                      2014

Telannia Norfar  '94                            2014

Sara Jo Odom  '60                             2014

Julie Percival  '79                                2014

Jim Robinson  '63                               2014

Jerry Thrower '58                              2014

Darlene Ross Bateman  '57              2015

Joe Baumhaft  '66                              2015

Lynde Nash  '74                                  2015

Roberta Roberts  '57                           2015

Marcia Shockey  '57                           2015

Ramona Ware  '57                              2015

Bill Whetstone  '57                              2015

Jerry Bednar  '60                                2016

Janese Fair  '57                                  2016

Beth Gilbert  '57                                  2016

Kelly Gilbert  '57                                  2016

Amber Hulme  '92                               2016

Gordon Pugh  '56                                2016

Connie Sims  '57                                 2016

Mary St.John  '57                                 2016

All the active Directors whose terms expire December 31, 2014 and could be contacted were invited to run for re-election.  Only those who agreed to serve are listed on the ballot, on the reverse side of this letter.


We urge all members and prospective members to arrive at 6:00 PM at Swadley's
for good food and good
fellowship before the meeting starts at 7:00. 
This is not a meeting just for Directors.  It is for the entire membership. 
Please make an effort to attend.  We look forward to seeing you. 
of you. 




                                                                             Janese Fair

                                                                             Board Chairman          

Join us on Facebook


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Gifts from 2008 through 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator/ChrisS78   
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 07:38

Following are our gifts only from 2008 through 2013 - many more were given from 1995 through 2007
From these, you can see how important our involvement has been in helping NWC.



Drama Department 50.00
Chemistry Dept. 1504.51
Scholarship Winner - cash 250.00
House of Clay-Art Dept. supplies 300.00
Teacher's cake 38.98
3 Scholarships @ $200 each 600.00
Teen EmPower 500.00
3 Scholarships $500 each 1500.00
Science trip 50.00
Cheerleaders' Uniforms 1700.00
Additional Scholarship 500.00
Basketball Team 400.00


9th grade Academy- Critter Tales 240.00
Tech Teachers Group 250.00
9th grade Acad. - Aquarium trip dep. 250.00
Tri-State Music Festival bus 734.00
4 Laptop Awards-college bound Seniors 1516.00
Kinkaid Bus for Aquarium trip 565.00
Outstanding Jr. ROTC student Award 250.00
Grand Piano 3000.00
More Art Dept. Supplies 172.99


Outstanding Jr. ROTC student Award 250.00
4 Laptop Awards-college bound Seniors 2349.96
Designated funds - misc. sports 312.50
Student Council Leadership Conference 900.00
for 5 students to attend
9th grade Academy - Critter Tales 240.00
Kincaid Bus - 9th grade Academy 950.00
Math Department - 30 calculators 401.70



Purchase of 2-Auditorium chairs 2000.00
from Friends of NWC
2 Laptop Awards for graduating Seniors 999.98
Social Science-$3500, Science-$2000, 7594.00
Student Council Conf.-$400, Tennis-
$400, Misc. Sports - $1578
Soccer 500.00
Backstop pads 300.00


Library for reading competition $ 1200.00
1 Laptop-college bound Senior 522.97
Music Dept. Copier repair 250.00
20 NWC Girls' Uniforms@$150 ea. 3000.00
Soccer team nutritional items 500.00
Baseball backstop 500.00
Outstanding Jr. ROTC student Award 250.00
Student Council Leadership Camp 500.00
Teacher Appreciation Week 100.00
Scholarship student-cash award 300.00
Edmond Music-moves donated piano 200.00
Tennis Club 290.00
NWC Teacher Supplies 1340.33
9th grace Acad. Behavior Rewards 600.00


Outstanding Jr. ROTC student Award 250.00
1 Laptop Award-college bound Senior 465.99
9th grade Acad. Mystery Reward trip 500.00
Girls' Basketball Chairs - 40 1259.97
Boys' Soccer Chairs and 3 tables 869.72

2014 Not finished fulfilling wishes



Last Updated ( Tuesday, 23 September 2014 07:40 )
Final Appeal for volunteers in Newsletter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator/ChrisS78   
Sunday, 21 September 2014 11:34

Here is a link the current New Shield:   NWCHSAA New Shield Sept 2014 Newsletter


From the Board Chairman - Janese Fair
Northwest Classen High School Alumni Association
September 1995 – December 31, 2014 ???

Does this get your attention? There is an urgent decision to be made immediately. The Board of Directors met in August to determine the future of this organization.All agree that this organization has accomplished much over the past nineteen years and wish to be able to continue this rewarding work for the students, teachers and the school. The real truth is that the members of the Executive Committee, although committed, are aging. Last year we had three members resign due to health issues.

Our eyes have been opened to this fact of life. Mary Lynne St.John, President, has made an all-out effort to recruit new members and officers.
There have been many efforts made through the years to accomplish this and the NWC Family has been grateful for our meeting some of their needs. We are also grateful to our members for donating to a very good cause.

This is an election year for NWCHSAA. To continue, we must have volunteers to accept offices for the next two years.
There are approximately seven meetings a year or as needed. The effort is minimal and very rewarding.

The meetings can be held in person, by phone, email or social media. To retain the tax free status of the IRS, it is required that we maintain records of those meetings and an accounting of funds spent. For this, the mandatory officers needed are:

President, Vice President-Membership, Secretary and Treasurer.  A person to compose the newsletter is also needed.

Please consider becoming a member of the Executive Committee to keep this worthwhile group going forward for many more years.
You will be glad you did.

We are on a tight rope and need volunteers and nominations for officers received no later than November 1, 2014.
You can email your nomination to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Do not wait. You are needed NOW!

Our next Board meeting will be Nov. 18 at Swadley's.

We need all the Board members to attend.
We will be voting whether to update the bylaws for going into the future, or dissolve the Association.
Thank you for all your support!



From the President - Mary St.John

My aim today is to Enlighten you...and not keep you “in the Dark” about the” Days of Our Lives on the Executive Committee” of the NWCHSAA. On “most” days we feel a great purpose, happiness and joy about our activities, motivated and confident.

On “some” days we feel less secure regarding the future of the Association, due to potentially losing 4 more out of 6 Executive Committee (EC) members because they are, or soon will be, 75 years old. Three others have already taken leave and the remaining 4 need to retire and give up their seat on the EC to younger, “empty nesters” willing to carry the Association into the future.

Our “best” days are when we receive memberships, dues and donations from our members that allows us to fund projects benefiting NWC, a NWC teacher or the teacher's class, and then learn about the effects of that funded project on their students.

One of our "worst" days would be the lack of attracting new members and grads who will participate on the Executive Committee and/or board. We have tried for years to recruit younger "empty Nesters" to join us to experience the joy, love, rewards of helping someone in need and giving back to our school. Unfortunately, recently we have not had much luck creating a flourishing EC. Effects of that you may have noticed, for example how out of date the website is. The Museum/History Room needs reorganizing after the MAPS3 renovations and its move to a classroom across from the Auditorium.

Another of our “worst” days would be the pain of closing down, not helping any NWC students, in particular, have a better high school education. As you probably know, demographics have changed in that neighborhood and these children should be supported and entitled to the same education as everyone else. Generally, any more that doesn't always happen.

Currently, since many NWC students may come from a struggling, single parent / family and/or also a non-English speaking family, some people may say that doesn't matter to me. But oh, yes, all children should matter and need to be educated for our society in America to continue to flourish. Excuse me, that is what teachers do and they need our continued support more than ever. Indeed the melting pot has shifted from when we were kids, but it is here and should not be ignored for any reason, in my opinion.

Another example of a “worst” day is not feeling the positive rewards of helping our favorite school system of NWC. Usually the amount needed/requested, came at a time when funds were available in our bank account, thankfully. As you know, our annual dues of $15 are most reasonable, plus generosity also received from donations. So the $15 dues of our Association accomplished many projects, activities and support, thanks to the NWCHSAA, in existence since 1995. The numerous projects over the years are included elsewhere in this newsletter.

Another example of a “worst” day is the remorse that there is nothing else to do but shut down, step away and close down the NWCHS Alumni Association due to lack of volunteers, since we cannot control this situation any longer.

Sure, it may require a 2 hour meeting occasionally, it may require e-mailing a newsletter, or doing current posts of info on the website, webinar or Facebook, etc. It may require collection of dues and donation, along with a few officers, in order to remain a 501c3, tax deductible organization, allowing dues/donations to be deductible with State of Oklahoma and the IRS. With several volunteers these tasks are not a huge burden to one or two people.

In my experience, my participation has been a reward, a gift, to me that I, along with your membership dues and donations, have helped NWC. The tax deduction was an additional personal benefit to me.

Many walk away from their high school experience, often never to return. After I lost my parents, I figured high school friends were my next set of roots in life that I wanted to join. Thank you to those with foresight to organize this organization way back when.

If there is any point to this article, it is this...the Executive Committee sincerely hopes for a Happy Ending to this Days of Our Life drama, i.e. that a few NWC alums will realize how little effort it takes to help NWC and say I will help keep the NWCHSAA stay alive and “I volunteer.”




Last Updated ( Sunday, 21 September 2014 11:46 )
General Information - Things You Need to Know PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator/ChrisS78   
Monday, 25 August 2014 19:37

General Information

Things You Need to Know

by Mary St.John

Recently in the Oklahoma Gazette 7/30/14 there was an article by Ben Felder on the new community school concept. Among other things he said is: Oklahoma does not have an education problem...it has a poverty problem.
Earlier 7/9/14 a newspaper editorial written by Susan Agel, president and principal of Positive Tomorrows, an OKC school serving the children of the homeless (www.positivetomorrows.org), says “...Statistics reported in April show that 31 percent of third graders in Oklahoma failed the test.”...”The number of students who don't read by
the end of third grade is a huge problem...another year of the same schooling will make no difference. … We must emphasize strategic interventions...”

Susan Agel continues: “When you look at how individual school districts did, it's clear that districts with the highest numbers of poor children are those with the highest failure rates.”...”To be fair, some poor households raise children who are well-prepared for academic success. However, strong families in poverty are rare due to problems such as little family support, addiction and mental health issues.” “Waiting until third grade to require success in a “sudden-death” test is far too late. When a kindergartener walks in the door for his
first day at school and can't identify colors or shapes, has never been swimming or to the zoo, and barely speaks in whole sentences, the time for intervention is right then.” ... “It isn't the child's fault.” … ”Studies show that a positive, sensitive school climate helps students feel welcome and valued.” ...”After school and summer programs provide enrichment opportunities for children who have no opportunities for team sports, music lessons or library visits.”

So, I hope this helps you understand some history and issues of some of today's OKC students and their needs that may still exist at the high school level. To clarify where NWC stands today in academic rankings, I checked the “www.usnews.com/education/best-high-schools/Oklahoma/rankings, …the facts at NWC are:

Students/Teacher ratio is 14.1, 982 students, 70 teachers
College Readiness is 6.3, Below OK Average, 14% Tested (AP) and 4% Passed
Math score 2.7, Near OK Average, 59% proficient and 41% not proficient
Reading score 2.5, Below OK Average, 53% proficient and 47% not proficient

In another, www.K12.NICHE.com/northwest-classen-high-school-oklahoma-city-ok/ google search I found a collection of interesting comments from students regarding different aspects of their high school experiences at NWC, which I will not include here, but there were many positive statements about the NWC experience. The NWC Math Proficiency score is recorded as 66% and the Reading Proficiency is 57%. (Website variance could be from date of testing.)

The OKC Expense per Student is $8,513, while the National Average is $11,965. The NWC Student Population totals 77.2% minorities. So while NWC is not designated a “community” type school it perhaps may suffer, in my opinion, possibly like one.
This info may be more than you care to know, but my sense is that we in the Association do not want to give up on the students attending our alma mater because of these ratings, rather it seems essential that we need to push the State for more financial support per student to meet the national average, plus to continue supporting the NWCHS Alumni Association, so these kids learn from the good teachers in school to avoid always having to struggle thru life. Life can be a struggle even with amenities. I hope this helps you better understand why we desperately need volunteers to continue providing hope and optimism at NWC and why we should not let the NWCHSAA close its doors. Indirectly, the purpose of the NWCHSAA offers at least financial commitment for hope and optimism which is, in my experience, beneficial to NWC teachers to help these kids.

For example the Association accomplished the following accomplishments from January through June:
1. when we fund the various projects, like sports, sciences, music, library, etc. needs...or
2. when we provided the Ninth Grade Academy teacher with twenty $25 Walmart Credit cards to distribute for a student's noble, outstanding behavior, $500. As it turned out, Walmart also donated four this year, $100...or
3. when we contributed the $1100 registration fee for several Student Council students to attend a State Leadership Conference during the summer...or
4. when we donated $500 spending money to support 4 NWC students who first worked hard to earn an invitation to attend the national Health Occupation Students of America conference in Orlando, FL and then went on to raise the needed $5000 for hotel, airfare, meals, registration fee, etc., trip expenses via fundraisers and contributions. A teacher accompanied them, of course, whose costs were included...or
5. when we provided the Annual Outstanding Graduating Senior Laptop Computer...or
6. when we provided the Annual Outstanding Jr.ROTC Award of $250...or
7. when we supported baseball Coach Rick Meza with $1500 to repair the Baseball field sprinklers, $1965 for Dugout Cubby Racks, and $200 to install indoor/outdoor carpet in the dugout and locker room to prevent injury at a game when students wore baseball shoes. Thankfully, we received some donations to help with that project.

The above listed projects were carried out during the 2014 membership year beginning January 1-June 30 rather than the school year August-June. Therefore, we currently have a balance of $8,215 remaining in Checking and $2132.21 in Savings to use before the membership year ends December 31.

It is our firm hope that at least 3 or more people will “hear this message” and respond to this last minute plea to form an Executive Committee in 2015 to carry out similar activities into the future. Please help if you can.
Should there be no response, we voted at the last Executive Committee meeting and at the Board of Directors meeting to dissolve the NWCHSAA, effective 12/31/14.

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Northwest Classen Pic PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator/ChrisS78   
Thursday, 03 January 2013 21:54


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More Pics PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator/ChrisS78   
Thursday, 03 January 2013 21:58




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NWCHSAA Newsletter Updates PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator/ChrisS78   
Sunday, 29 January 2012 16:44

Membership Info & Newsletters

The NWCHSAA plans to publish three newsletters during each membership year (1/1-12/31). 

To receive current information, please complete the Member Application form
and forward a check for $15 to:

P O Box 12657
OKC, OK  73157

Membership Application Form links -- Click Here:     Word Version       PDF Version

The Alumni Association is doing great things for the school and its students.
Your membership dues make it happen, so if you haven't yet sent in your dues for the year,
please print the Membership Application Form and mail it in with your check or money order.
That $15 goes a long way!!!

Please feel free to forward this to other NWC alumni.
They'll be interested in the changes to the school and what the Association is doing to help.

Please click below to download and enjoy the last few NWCHSAA Newsletters (New Shield)

NWCHSAA Newsletter -- NewShield -- Dec 2009

NWCHSAA Newsletter -- NewShield -- June 2010

NWCHSAA Newsletter -- New Shield -- Spring 2011

Thank you for supporting Northwest Classen High School!


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NWCHSAA Overview PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator/ChrisS78   
Tuesday, 30 September 2008 21:02

The Northwest Classen Alumni Association is a non-profit organization serving alumni and friends of Northwest Classen High School in Oklahoma City. Presently there are over 500 members. The goal of the organization is to be of service to Northwest Classen and to alumni.  In keeping with this, the NWCAA sponsors clean-up days, helps out with Homecoming, is collecting historical items and is working to help classes with their reunions, along with a host of other projects. One of the best services of the NWCAA is the membership newsletter "The New Shield". This publication contains information on association events, happenings at the school, reunion notices, and lots of other neat stuff. This website is also provided by the Alumni Association. 


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NorthWest Classen High School History PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator/ChrisS78   
Tuesday, 30 September 2008 21:04

Northwest Classen High School History

Northwest Classen High School was built in 1955 to meet the growing need for educational facilities in northwest Oklahoma City.  It was designed after a committee of architects and administrators visited and studied forty schools in seven states.  The final architecture plan was made by Hudgins, Thompson, Ball and Associates, and construction was performed by the Builders Company.  The building was first opened on September 3, 1955 with 10th, 11th and 12th grades.  The 9th grade were admitted when the second wing was completed in 1956.  Enrollment in 1956 was 2,002.

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"Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another"
G. K. Chesterson

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